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7th April - 8:00PMFull Frontal Comedy @The Watermans ArmsSL4 6BW

9th April - 7:30PMComedy @The Birkbeck TavernE11 4HL

15th April - 8:00PMFFC Open Mic Comedy @The Watermans ArmsSL4 6BW

19th April - 8:00PMRock The Atic @AticOX26 6JF

20th April - 8:00PMJester Jesters @The Betsy TrotwoodEC1R 3BL

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Simon Owen

Born under the flightpath of Heathrow Airport, Simon dreamt of becoming a pilot.

Discovering that a fear of heights and flying put him at a disadvantage, he concentrated on putting his talents to use in other areas.

Discovering having no talents put him at a disadvantage, he concentrated on feeling bitter and sorry for himself.

It was then that Simon became a comedian.

Often described as "quite amusing" Simon invites you to join him as he searches for acceptance from those around him.

Simon likes football, films and music, although his tastes in all of these is questionable.

He's 5'9" and was born in July.

He likes pizza, dogs and beer, and hates tomatoes, cats and gin.

He also thanks you for visiting.

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